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John Wolseley interview

An interview with John Wolseley, including a demonstration of his drawing-with-a-dead-pelican technique…


John Wolseley at NGV

John Wolseley‘s exhibition ‘Heartlands and Headwaters’ at the NGV Australia is not be missed by anyone interested in drawing, painting or Australian art generally.


“The different geographical features and unique plant and animal forms of these wetlands are depicted in the finely worked drawing and rich watercolour washes that characterise Wolseley’s work. Many also combine collage elements and markings made ‘in collaboration’ with the natural environment. Through this way of working, which includes burying works and drawing with carbonized wood found in the bush, the artist subverts traditional approaches to the depiction of landscape. These works celebrate the beauty of the Australian wilderness and encourage an understanding of the significance and environmental fragility of these remote and little-known sites.”

Wolseley_Sphagnum BogLake InaWolseley

Exhibition link: https://www.ngv.vic.gov.au/exhibition/john-wolseley/