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Australian painters and their studios

An excellent large format book on Australian painters talking about their studios is available from the Polytechnic library: Lloyd, I R & McDonald, J (2007) Studio: Australian painters on the nature of creativity, Singapore : R. Ian Lloyd Productions

It is filled with lots of great pictures. It normally lives at the Fairfield campus, so you would need to request it.


The book has it’s own website, which also contains resources on laying out an artist’s CV (resume), and some notes on photographing artwork.

The link to the Polytechnic Library catalogue entry:



Colour checking

This is a nice short demo of a photographer using a colour checker to adjust skin tones. She is using Adobe Lightroom here, but the principle is the same in Adobe Camera Raw.

Even though she is here photographing a person rather than artwork, the idea of shooting an objective reference for colour correction is universal.