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Abelardo Morell makes a room camera

Abelardo Morell makes a hotel room in New York into a Camera Obscura. Then he places a  view camera on a tripod into the room and makes an exposure.

Video link: https://vimeo.com/5212904

Camera Obscura Image of Times Square in Hotel Room, 1997



Camera Obscura work



This week we were talking about early photographic technologies, including the use of the Camera Obscura and the achievement – in the 1830s – of permanently fixing the image that appeared in it.

There are many artists making great work inspired by this amazing machine. I mentioned Abelardo Morell and his ‘Tent Series’, where he uses a portable tent as a Camera Obscura, its inside painted black. Using a camera on a tripod placed in it he takes exposures of the image which appears on the ground, in this arrangement:

Screen Shot 2013-03-29 at 4.04.21 PM

Since 1991 I have con­verted rooms into Cam­era Obscuras in order to pho­to­graph the strange and delight­ful meet­ing of the out­side world with the room’s inte­rior.

In an effort to find new ways to use this tech­nique, I have worked with my assis­tant, C.J. Heyliger, on designing a light proof tent which can project views of the sur­round­ing land­scape, via periscope…

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