Meet the maker: Rob Matson

The Age newspaper on a Saturday contains a section called Spectrum, the general arts and ideas supplement.

Spectrum always contains a column called ‘Meet The Maker’ where they profile a creative artist of some kind and discuss their training, work history and their professional practice. It’s a great resource for all of us who are thinking about future career possibilities. I recommend you look for it every Saturday.

On 21 February, their subject was puppet-maker Rob Matson, who just like you, studied art at tertiary level before finding the area he was most interested in.

Matson studied art at RMIT, trained as a teacher and taught for a year before deciding to seek his “fortune” overseas. In 1983, on the eve of his departure, he had his mind properly blown at the Australian International Puppet Festival in Adelaide by US-born, Munich-based Eric Bass’ moving meditation on ageing, Autumn Portraits. “I was just completely captivated by it and I thought, ‘That is what I want to do'”.

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Read the whole article:


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