Meet The Maker: Lucas Grogan

From the Age Spectrum section’s ‘Meet The Maker’ column, painter and textile artist Lucas Grogan:

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Grogan left home early and studied art at Newcastle University between 2003 and 2008. By his own admission, he “failed spectacularly”, but learned on the job about life as a practising artist via volunteer and paid jobs (from gallery attendant to exhibition installer and floor manager) at artist-run and commercial galleries in Newcastle and Sydney.

His break came in 2008 at the age of 24, soon after he began exhibiting his two-colour paintings and embroidered textiles. “I was lucky enough to be put into the … sideshow for the Biennale in Sydney,” he says. “I was the youngest, the only student, and things sort of took off from there.”

Read more:

Photo by Simon Schluter. Article by Kath Dolan.


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